Rocking Memories

Allow me to publish the article i had penned in 2008 after watching movie Rock On. I think it suits to set in the mood, nostalgia and memories we all had during our kgp lives. Here it goes….

Weekend was fun. After a great HRD session at Table, some help for Bihar victims, it was movie time. Rock On was the movie chosen based on reviews and reports from friends and colleagues.
I thoroughly enjoyed the movie (though very predictable). Music was also a great effort from my favourite group Shankar Ehsan Loy. It took me back 14 years down the memory lane. It’s been 12 years since KGP. Really a long time! Though I don’t claim to be rock artist by any definition, but I can definitely associate with mood depicted in the movie of friends, long lost friends reuniting, common interests, how life takes it course after moving on…. wide range of resemblances.

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